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This is a great creation.

It is the highest maximum condensation of history, culture, wisdom, technology and beauty of China in 5000 years,which is a naissance destined to make the world amazing.










是中国5000年历史、文化、智慧、技艺与美的最高凝结, 是一次注定惊艳世界的诞生。



This is a great event of civilization.


It is the long-lost consensus that China faces the world confidently and the world has rediscovered China,which is the ululation means the Chinese culture is based on the contemporary and faces the future.








This is a baptism of Aesthetics.


It is a International Chinese artwork that comes from Suzhou and represents China,which is also a ceremony marks  it steps into the world's top palace and receives the gift of the global eyes.

Barely to catch a glimpse of a passing beauty to make great use of the beauty of the world.









In 2019,The first work of [CHINA SHAN-SHUI Series] named SHAN-SHUI Yue Lan Ting that created jointly by three leading figures including SND GROUP, SUNAC and Wharf Holdings Limited will firstly land in Suzhou, China.





A Chinese contemporary aesthetic works,will  achieve the next great time of the world,and shining every important creation of human shoulder by shoulder.








苏州CHINA山水樾澜庭项目 效果示意图








On February 24th, 2019,The [CHINA SHAN-SHUI Series] will boarding the first Temple of Art in the World---- Louvre Museum of Paris, France.And publish synchronously with National Conference Center in Beijing, Suzhou China.It will be an unprecedented milestone and a historic moment of glory in the annals of history for Suzhou, for China and for the whole world.






The highest laurel of human culture, write a magnificent stroke in the history,Suzhou respresents China again to reach the top of world!












苏州CHINA山水樾澜庭项目 效果示意图

Creation Can Change the World.




Make a comprehensive survey of the shining tine of human, from the Golden Division Point with a perfect meaning of Pythagoras to the eternal and mysterious Mona Lisa Smile of Vinci. From Ludwig Mies van der Rohe first raised the less is more to the world famous Water Villa of  Reiter. From shocking Glass Pyramid of Leoh Ming Pei to Bugatti's Villa built by the transboundary  of Bugatti family. Every creation is the process of human civilization, the birth moment of  every top artwork is the great time belongs to the world.







纵观人类群星闪耀之时,从毕达哥拉斯寓意完美的「黄金分割点」,到达芬奇永恒神秘的《蒙娜丽莎的微笑》,从密斯凡德罗首次提出LESS IS MORE,到赖特享誉世界的流水别墅,从贝聿铭惊世骇俗的卢浮宫金字塔,到布加迪家族跨界而为的布加迪别墅……每一次创造,都是人类文明的进步,每一个顶级艺术品的诞生时刻,都是属于世界的伟大时刻。



The 21st century is the Chinese flourishing age. Created In China from dream to reality.




21世纪,中国盛世。Created In China(中国创造),从梦想到现实。






















法国卢浮宫 实景图

布加迪别墅 实景图

苏州CHINA山水樾澜庭项目 效果示意图

The Chinese cultural roll of 5000 years, from the past to now until the future, the SHAN-SHUI must be the aesthetic gene with the most creative and vital.







The spirit of SHAN-SHUI has went back to ancient times. From the famous people of Wei and Jin dynasties escape from the world to SHAN-SHUI to find their freedom to the Tang poem Song jambic verse, which has sang the artistic conception with the SHAN-SHUI. From the calligraphy and painting rely on SHAN-SHUI to express feelings to the scholar created SHAN-SHUI to build a private garden in Ming and Qing dynasties. The dream, visual field, character, feelings and the indelible mark to the world of Chinese aesthetics, SHAN-SHUI is the top.








SHAN-SHUI without ink, the greatest truths are the simplest. In the heart of every Chinese, natural landscape also the nature of SHAN-SHUI. Heaven and earth are combined with the soul, the arts and life are mixed together. SHAN-SHUI become an incessant faith and eternal totem for every Chinese.































苏州CHINA山水樾澜庭项目 效果示意图

苏州CHINA山水樾澜庭项目 效果示意图

Beauty, not only reflect the spirit of the age, but also polish the soul of the age, not only ahead it, but also shining with it.












The global appreciation of the beauty is in great unity in the 21th century, the simplest leads the future. When the eyes of the world focus on Chinese SHAN-SHUI, and when the Chinese SHAN-SHUI returns to the artistic conception, few strokes, point mountains and dye the water, leave white to express feelings, finally achieve the dreamy mountain of the history of world aesthetics, and also coincide with contemporary international frontier aesthetics.








Simplest. Extreme. [CHINA SHAN-SHUI Series] represents the highest class of Chinese aesthetics, it advances the world's top art ranks, not only belongs to China, but also belongs to the world.































苏州CHINA山水樾澜庭项目 效果示意图

苏州CHINA山水樾澜庭项目 效果示意图

Open the new tradition with tradition. Reponse an age with works.












The International front-line team including GOA, LANDAU, Design ΛPΛRTMENr, W.Design and so on write jointly, the modern design masters including Lu Hai, Tang Zhonghan and so on design personally, follow the advise of “ Write Must Follow The Age”, do not cling to tradition, design with national feelings and modern senses, combine the traditional architectural vocabulary with geometric abstract technique, contemporary aesthetic conception and International luxury technology, first create the simplest Chinses aesthetic principle named [Nine Method of SHAN-SHUI] to achieve the highest dream of [CHINA SHAN-SHUI Series]----Let the world rediscover the beauty of contemporary China.Let the world welcome the great moment that belongs to China.











苏州CHINA山水樾澜庭项目 效果示意图






苏州CHINA山水樾澜庭项目 效果示意图

[CHINA SHAN-SHUI Series] found the whole China, finally decided to land the SHAN-SHUI Yue Lan Ting to the Shishan of Suzhou, where is the best place with best visual angle.







Sunzhou, the international capital, the new first-tier cities in China, with trillion GDP. Plan with SHAN-SHUI, layout with garden,  its beauty has wentback to ancient times for 3000 years. Shishan, the centre CBD of Suzhou, with infrequent natural SHAN-SHUI resources. “The Eighteen Scenes of Shishan” has  beared the weight of humanity, Shishan Aquare has cost more than 5 billion is under contruction, create New World City Landmarks and Suzhou City Living Room combine with SHAN-SHUI park, high-end commerce, mesume, science museum and art theatre.








SHAN-SHUI Yue Lan Ting, monopolize the mountains, lakes, rivers and the scarce resources of International CBD, with the talents of “Everything has prepared for me”, in the same vein as the Chinese realm to develop with the world frontier.









Listen to thunder in silence.


The next great moment of the world.

From Suzhou  Represent China.

Yue Lan Ting that created jointly by SND GROUP, SUNAC and Wharf Holdings Limited.

Wait for Feburary 24th with bated breath.






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